Chloe’s Salades | Tasty & Healthy Sandwiches Montreal

What’s that one dish that we can enjoy in breakfast, lunch or dinner wholeheartedly? Sandwiches, right? Well, the only thing that stops us from gorging on this flat bread made dish is the calorie intake. But fret no more! As we at Chloe’s bring you tasty and healthy sandwiches that we bet you cannot resist.

Our menu is loaded with different kinds of sandwiches that are made with healthy ingredients. At Chloe’s we serve sandwiches that are filled with crunchy and delicious veggies and healthy alternatives that you can bite on guilt-free. We pick every item for making our delicious sandwiches fresh off from the local market as we believe in supporting our local agro producers.

Just pick your choice from our menu and we guarantee to serve you the best sandwiches Montreal.

Sandwiches Made with Love

Chloe’s Salades is a family owned business that aims to provide the people with food that is high on taste and loaded with healthy nutrients. Our team is dedicated to serving you dishes that are made with love and care. We don’t make any compromise when it comes to providing people with dishes that are meant to be tasty and healthy.

That’s why in our menu you’ll find plenty of choices for sandwiches. You’ll get to choose from the classic sandwich options like Grilled Cheese Montreal sandwich to something experimental like Pesto and Cheese sandwich. Whatever you crave for, we are pretty sure you’ll find it in our menu.

Why Choose Chloe’s Sandwiches?

Chloe’s Salades was established in the year 2018 by a group of passionate foodies whose aim was to provide the people of Montreal with tasty and healthy dishes. Over the years, we have successfully been able to achieve our goal and want to continue to do so. At Chloe’s, you’ll find more than one reason to choose our sandwiches.

  • Unfaltering Quality of Dishes

We never compromise in the making of our dishes featured in our menu. Whether it is the Avocado Toast Montreal sandwich or Taco Vegie sandwich that you crave for, our team serves an unfaltering quality of sandwiches to our precious customers. Not just with sandwiches, customers are guaranteed to get premium quality for every dish that they order with us.

  • Exciting Sandwich Combos

If sandwiches are your favourite snack item and you munch on them more than once a week then how about getting a combo sandwich meal to save some buck and fill your appetite. At Chloe’s we offer exciting sandwich combos that you can order and enjoy the double meal at great price. You can pair your sandwich with a soup or a salad and make it a great combo meal.

  • Fresh Ingredients

All our sandwiches at Chloe’s, whether it’s the classic grilled cheese Montreal sandwich, Avocado Toast Montreal, or the super healthy avocado & salmon sandwich are made with fresh ingredients. The bread, veggies, meat, cheese and all the ingredients that goes into the making of our sandwiches are handpicked carefully from the local farmer’s market.

You are guaranteed to get tasty and healthy sandwiches at Chloe’s Salades and that too ataffordable prices. Visit us now and discover them for yourself.