Chloe’s: A haven of Best & Healthy Food/Salad Montreal

An amazing spread of healthy food Montreal that makes your meal yummazing. We serve a variety of salads, smoothies, sandwiches that can make your snacking time delightful and wholesome. Visit Chloe’s and make the most of your meal with our amazingly prepared dishes that are meant to be healthy and delicious.

A Safe Haven for Healthy & Hearty Meals

Founded in the year 2018, Chloe’s Salades is a family business owned by a group of passionate foodies that aims to serve wholesome meals for everyone. We at Chloe’s prioritize serving people with dishes that are not only high on taste but have a positive impact on their well-being. Whether you are on a strict diet or just want to grab a light and healthy snack, you’ll find dishes that fulfil your cravings.

Fresh ingredients are key to preparing healthy and scrumptious dishes. Here at Chloe’s we make sure that every item is picked freshly off the local market regularly. Also, we are pretty determined to support our local agricultural producers. All our fruits, vegetables and whole grains are delivered by them that keeps our kitchen stocked and running.

So, if you are longing for fresh, healthy and delicious salads tmr or any other healthy snacking option then you know where you can find your safe haven.

Why Choose Us?

Now, we won’t imply that you won’t get any other cafes to make your visit for tasty snacks. However, at Chloe’s we can assure some of the things that are surely going to make your meal a delightful experience for you and your family or friends.

Amazing Spread of Healthy & Delicious Bites

You won’t be disappointed with the healthy meal options you can get here at Chloe’s. In fact, you’ll be amazed to see the spread of salads tmr, sandwiches, smoothies and other beverage options. Also, for those who love to experiment with their food, we have the option of “create your salad” where you can pick your own ingredients to make customized salads. Gorge on scrumptious sandwiches guilt free as we assure you our menu is tailored with healthy dishes.

Healthy Catering & Delivering Services

Aside from making a visit at our café, we also extend our healthy food Montreal services for catering and delivering. Whether you are throwing a party or just want to enjoy a hearty meal at the leisure of your home make your call at Chloe’s. Our expert catering and delivery team does an exceptional job to provide you amazing services. Over the years, we have successfully completed several food delivery and catering orders.

Combo Meals

If you think that healthy meal options are expensive then it’s time for you to visit Chloe’s. Here we believe in serving the best salad Montreal or any other healthy dish at the best price possible. You can make the most of your snack time by ordering our well-tailored combo meals that are priced reasonably for healthy food lovers. Banish the myth that healthy foods are expensive and enjoy healthy meals at affordable prices.

Freshly Picked Ingredients

At Chloe’s we believe a meal can be deemed as healthy not just because of the choice of nutritious ingredients but for also picking out fresh ingredients. Our team chops, slices, spices and cooks all meals every day in the house. All the ingredients used to prepare the dishes are freshly picked from our local agricultural producers daily.

Visit Chloe’s Salades and enjoy having a guilt-free meal with our amazing spread of health food items. Serving people with the best salad Montreal and more other healthy dishes is our prime belief.


Our history

Founded in 2018, Chloe’s is a family business. It quickly became a destination of choice for simple, seasonal and healthy food. Our mission and our passion is to serve you dishes that not only taste delicious, but which should also have a positive impact on your well-being, your health in general and on this wonderful planet. We are determined to support small and medium-sized producers who practice agriculture in our beautiful province. Our team cuts, slices, spices and cooks every day in the house, because food tastes better when it’s freshly prepared.

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